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In version 2.0 ToroPlay has become a WordPress theme for Series. Now you can have a web of only series, only movies and even both on a single WordPress site.

Seasons (Series)

ToroPlay has a module to manage the seasons of the series. With a simple click and thanks to its API you will be able to generate all the seasons of a series in a matter of seconds.

Episodes (Series)

ToroPlay has a module to manage the episodes of the series. With a simple click and thanks to its API you will be able to generate all the episodes of a season in a matter of seconds.

Content Importer

With our TR Movies plugin you can import all the data of a movie with a simple click, just by entering the TMDb movie ID you will have all the data of the movie in your WordPress site. You also have the possibility to import download links or to see online from YASKE with a single click.


Give a different touch to your website by adding a bar with the full alphabet. Your visitors can filter movies and series by the initial letter, also has a great design that will give that special touch to your web page.


ToroPlay is ready to use widgets, which will allow you to customize your sidebar with thousands of widgets: the default ones and those that you can install from WordPress. It also has a pair of widgets created exclusively by our team for ToroPlay.

Options panel

Customize your website from a wide range of options, ToroPlay conforms to WordPress standards, so we use your customizer to add new options to our theme.


ToroPlay is oriented to SEO, therefore it has a super speed with which you can get up to 100 points in the test of Google speed. Get an elegant, fast, powerful and modern site with this incredible theme and surpass your competition with its super speed.


ToroPlay has 3 colors predesigned by ourselves. Each color can be customized or changed as you like. With what you have the possibility of having unlimited colors making your site as exclusive as possible and different from the rest.


ToroPlay has a widget to filter the films and series by the most relevant data such as release year, directors, actors who have participated in the movie or series and more!

Guaranteed Updates

In ToroPlay we will only work with a single product therefore we will focus exclusively on it, making updates with improvements and corrections almost every month. We want to become the best choice for your online movie site.

Link Importer

Import download links or watch online movies with a simple click. ToroPlay works with YASKE, there will be more pages soon where you can get more links.

Support Tickets

You can consult all your doubts or problems to our experts at our tickets system. Get help quickly and accurately, any problem you have related to the theme will be solved.


Participate in the forum for clients and contribute or vote the ideas that are going out to improve the theme little by little among all.