Terms and Conditions

Please read this article and make sure you agree to all terms of use before making your purchase. By accessing and placing an order on any material or product available on ToroPlay indicates that you fully understand and accept the terms and conditions.


The product and / or services are delivered by ToroPlay once received the payment, our product and / or services will be delivered through our website, accessing your account and downloading it from our site.


We do not offer refunds of any kind. We recommend that you inform yourself well before making the purchase and if you have doubts you can put them through the contact form or chat, where every doubt will be gadly solved.


You can make use of the product you buy in unlimited domains but only on your property.


– The license of the product is unique and non-transferable.
– The product can not be redistributed or resold.
– The product code can always be edited at your own risk.
– The payment of the license is annual, if you do not pay the product annually, you can continue to use the same but will not receive updates or support.


When you have made a purchase or have registered on the web, you also subscribe to the contact list, it is only used to send occasional promotions. ToroPlay does not share customer data with third parties, if you do not wish to receive emails from us you should just unsubscribe from our list.